[price our=”$699″ us=”$1,500″ title=”Full Dentures” sub=”Acrylic Teeth Complete Set” more=””]
[price our=”$799″ us=”$1,800″ title=”Full Dentures” sub=”Porcelain Teeth Complete Set” more=””]
[price our=”$700″ us=”$1,500″ title=”Partial Plate” sub=”ValplastĀ® Fexible” more=””]
[price our=”$200″ us=”$600 TO 900″ title=”Porcelain Crowns” sub=”CAPS” more=””]
[price our=”$350″ us=”$1,200″ title=”Empress Crowns” sub=”All porcelain, no metal” more=””]
[price our=”$350 ea” us=”$1,000 ea” title=”Veneers”]
[price our=”$350 ea” us=”$1,000 ea” title=”Zirconia Crowns”]

[price our=”$1,500″ us=”$$3,500″ title=”Top Branded Implants” sub=”(NIS)” note=”Includes implant and PFM”]

[price our=”$350″ us=”$1,300 each unit” title=”Permanent Bridges” sub=”Porcelain” more=”” note=”Each unit”]

[price our=”$250 to $300″ us=”$600 TO $900″ title=”Root Canals” more=””]
[price our=”$60″ us=”$300″ title=”Extractions” sub=”Except wisdom teeth” ]
[price our=”$60″ us=”$160″ title=”Prophylaxis ” sub=”Cleanning”]
[price our=”$60″ us=”$160″ title=”Fillings ” sub=”White Resin”]
[price our=”$250″ us=”$600 TO 900″ title=”Teeth Whitening” sub=”Zoom! Lamp, up to eight shades in one hour” more=””]
[price our=”$8,400″ us=”$28,000″ title=”Complete Oral Rehabilitation” sub=”28 Porcelain Crowns” more=””]