Partial Dentures

Flexible Frame (Valplast) Dentures

It was long thought that removable partial dentures had to be rigid to be effective. The innovation of the Valplast flexible partial allows the restoration to adapt to the constant movement and flexibility in your mouth. This is the underlying thinking behind the innovative flexible partial denture from Valplast.

  • Beautiful
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Non-Invasive
  • Lightweight
  • Strong & Durable

Millions of patients have already discovered the benefits of wearing a Valplast Flexible Partial. Ask your dentist about Valplast today!


If you canÌt bear the thought of visible metal clasps or a series of temporaries that change with each appointment, Valplast is an option that looks very natural and will stay beautiful and comfortable for years to come. Even fixed restorations that look good at first could deteriorate over time due to gum recession or changes in your mouth.


[price our=”$700″ us=”$1,500″ title=”PARTIAL PLATE” sub=”Valplast® Fexible”]

Metal Frame Partial Denture

Another partial denture is the one made with a metal frame. This partial denture is recommended when the “bite” space is very narrow and the metal frame is needed to give the partial denture the strength necessary to keep it from breaking and still be as thin as needed for the patient to close comfortably. Many patients refer to this partial denture as of a more comfortable and better fitting than an acrylic partial denture, so if you are not satisfied with an acrylic partial that you are presently wearing, you may consider this kind of partial denture to be a good substitute. Here at Ultradent the cost for this partial denture goes from $250.00 to $400.00 USD

[price our=”$300 to $500″ us=”$750 to $1,200″ title=”Partial Plate” sub=”Metal Frame”]

Acrylic Frame Dentures

The most common and inexpensive is the Acrylic frame, with acrylic teeth and metal clasps partial denture; it can go from $200.00 (for a “flipper”, to replace one or two teeth) up to $350.00 for a partial denture replacing three or more teeth.

[price our=”$350″ us=”$700 to $1,000″ title=”Partial Plate” sub=”Acrylic Frame”]