Empress Crowns

Empress Crowns (All Porcelain No Metal)

Empress Crowns (no metal), are strong and beautiful, and have the most natural and youthful appearance that today’s latest technology can offer to really get you the smile you have always dreamed of.

Made of a beautiful high-strength ceramic, Empress crowns are the best, fastest and… with our prices ($300.00 ea), they are also the most affordable high-end quality cosmetic dentistry you can get.

Empress crowns: Strong, beautiful & bio-compatible (very gentle on the opposing teeth).

 Empress Crowns Are Highly Recommended To…

  • Repair and Correct Teeth that are Chipped, Worn or Cracked
  • Close the Spaces Between Teeth
  • Brighten Up Severely Stained Teeth

Empress crowns are made of a high-strength beautiful ceramic. The material is slightly translucent which give them the perfect appearance of natural teeth and make them so beautiful, being almost impossible to tell the difference between a real perfect and healthy tooth and an Empress crown. Empress crowns are pieces of art created in both, the dental chair as well as in the dental lab; resulting in highly detailed, beautiful teeth that will dramatically improve your image and boost your self-confidence by giving you the fresh young smile that you have always wanted.

Empress crowns are cosmetic dentistry’s perfect tools to make you look your very best regardless of your age. For those of us gracefully gaining wisdom (and not getting any younger) They will work as a very effective anti-aging antidote. Restoring your smile to a healthy and young appearance is an easy way to successfully fight against the normal consequences of the years. You will see (as well as everybody else) how amazing, fast and easy it will be to have your teeth professionally treated with Empress crowns and dramatically improve your over-all appearance. As for you youngsters, Empress crowns can improve your smile so you can keep that fresh and youthful appearance for many years to come.

The cases shown are just a few of many performed at Ultradent Dental Clinic. Please take a good close look at the “after” photographs. Can you tell which teeth are Empress crowns?

Would you like Empress Crowns for your teeth?

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Empress Crowns
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