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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant (also known as an endosseous implant or fixture) is a prosthesis that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, or facial prosthesis. The basis for modern dental implants is a biologic process called osseointegration, in which materials such as titanium or zirconia form an intimate bond to bone.

The implant fixture is first placed so that it is likely to osseointegrate, then a dental prosthetic is added. A variable amount of healing time is required for osseointegration (Usually three to four months) before either the dental prosthetic (a tooth, bridge or denture) is attached to the implant or an abutment is placed which will hold a dental prosthetic/crown

Why should you consider coming to Ultradent Dental Clinic in Juarez, Mexico to get Dental Implants?

Depending on the dental treatment you may need, you can save thousands of Dollars ( up to 70%) as well as your valuable time when compared to U.S. and Canada. Usually most dental treatments will take only two appointments, going from two days to one week appart.


At Ultradent Dental Clinic in Juarez Mexico all Dental Implants are placed ONLY by very experienced Implantologists and Maxilofacial Surgeons.


You will get the same top quality dental implants brands used in the U.S. and worldwide.

We have our own state of the art Dental Laboratory and keep 100% control of the materials and equipment used to fabricate all our dental work.

We specialize in general dentistry and mayor, complex dental treatments. No matter what dental problem you may have, we will always offer you  an affordable, high end quality solution alternative 

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